Big Projects, Inc. was established in February 2005 to help promote wellness and enrich lives through various training and educational programs in the aspect of personal development, career development and social awareness. Trainers and facilitators are equipped with outstanding academic backgrounds complemented with rich experiences in various fields in education, health care, arts and business.

You can benefit from Big Projectsí training. Big Projects can help you achieve your goals, help you manage time, handle stress and even prepare you for your much-awaited first job! For the new employee, new manager or even a veteran boss, Big Projects is here to help you.

Aside from training, Big Projects also provides consulting services in project management, finance management (payroll services), business web design, and information technology services such as database creation, database entry and network design and support.

Are you overwhelmed by work that itís keeping you a prisoner of your own time? Do you see your staff working hard but always seem to miss deadlines? Ever had projects where crossing your fingers always seems to be the final answer to your problems? Big Projects, Inc can be your solution. Contact us today at info@bigprojects.org.

About the Founder

Big Projects, Inc. is owned and operated by Jonathan Ong. Prior to starting the business in 2005, Jonathan has been working as a consultant for 4 years doing various training programs in New York City and in the Buffalo area for a non-profit organization. Prior to moving to NY, Jonathan has been an active student trainer for two years in his alma mater, De La Salle University - Manila. Equipped with an engineering degree, Jonathan translates his college training and experience in all of his consulting and training projects. His attention to detail, good organizational / training skills and computer expertise makes him stand out among his peers.




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