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Why hire Big Projects?

There are three things that anchor Big Projects:  Quality, Skills and Integrity.


All projects are guided by the Total Quality Management Approach. Quality is guaranteed on all deliverables or your money back.


Big Projects is powered by individuals who are highly skilled in their respective competencies. Big Projects’ team members come from various professional backgrounds such as Engineering, Education, Information Technology, Accounting and Health Care.


Integrity is not just taking care of its reputation but valuing the principles that build character and strong ethical standards.


For more information, send us an email at info@bigprojects.org.


Do I really need Big Projects?

The simple answer is a resounding yes.


Most of our clients are small businesses that do not have the capacity to hire a full time employee but still need help in various tasks. You could hire Big Projects for as little as two hours a week or 35 hours, can you do that to a regular employee?


Creating quality and professional looking documents could take precious time away from client meetings and business arrangements.


A booming business can swamp you especially with little or no support system. Big Projects is not just your hired help but we are your partners in success.


For more information, send us an email at info@bigprojects.org.


What are Big Projects’ rates?

Rates normally run for about $35 to $65 an hour depending on the project scope and expertise required. However, Big Projects can also work out a payment scheme to handle longer task periods such as project management or database management.


Payroll services costs are based on the number of consultants / payroll recipients.


Web designs are priced based on the business complexity and client requirements, such as e-commerce solution and security access, among others.


For more information, send us an email at info@bigprojects.org.


Would hiring a consultant cost me more?

Stereotypically speaking, it might look costly to hire a consultant but try adding up the "hidden" costs of hiring an employee and you would be surprised. 


Typical hidden costs in hiring a full time employee:

·         Medical / Dental Insurance

·         Employment Taxes

·         Benefits

·         Unemployment Insurance

·         Payroll Costs

·         Work Space

·         Equipment

·         Required Trainings and Skills Development

·         Over time pay


Other factors that could drive up the costs are office downtimes (gossiping, coffee breaks, meetings), conflicts with co-workers and hyper-multi-tasking.


In the end, don’t you think that Big Projects is better manageable and highly cost-effective?


For more information, send us an email at info@bigprojects.org.


Is my business safe with Big Projects?

Security is a top priority for Big Projects.


Computer systems are updated regularly with the latest anti-virus patterns and critical OS updates. Networks are kept behind firewalls. Paperworks are disposed in HIPAA-approved procedures and regulations in data security. Team members are issued password-protected access to computers for monitoring and security purposes.  Even our fax machine is highly secured and can only be accessed by certain team members! There is no human contact with the facsimile until it is received by an authorized team member.


For more information, send us an email at info@bigprojects.org.


Who is behind Big Projects?

Big Projects, Inc. is owned and operated by Jonathan Ong. Four years prior to starting the business in 2005, Jonathan has been working as a consultant doing various training programs in New York City and in the upstate area for a non-profit organization. Before moving to New York City, Jonathan has been an active student-trainer for two years in his alma mater, De La Salle University - Manila. Equipped with an engineering degree, Jonathan translates his college training and experience in all of his consulting and training projects. His attention to detail, exceptional organizational / training skills and computer expertise exceptionally differentiates him from his peers.


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For more information, send us an email at info@bigprojects.org.

















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